Individual Exercises

individual exercises

These days I do very little (if any) cardio work, and spend my time resistance training. My physique is better than it ever has been, my energy levels are always high, and I just feel great!

The individual exercises I’ve listed below, incorporate a mixture of free weights, exercise machines and bodyweight exercises.

They are some of the best isolation exercises you can perform in order to gain muscle, get stronger, tone up, lose body fat and improve your cardiovascular system.

That’s the beauty with weight training – it provides ALL of those benefits and more besides.

My first choice and recommendation would always be to perform compound exercises, but if circumstances dictate otherwise, or you want to mix up a routine etc. these exercises are a good compliment.

Incline Barbell Bench Press

Incline Barbell Shoulder Press

The incline barbell shoulder press targets the upper part of the chest. A decline press would target the lower chest area.

Barbell Shoulder Press

Barbell Shoulder Press

This is virtually a compound exercise. The move incorporates all of the muscles in your shoulders, (delts) plus your upper back, triceps & rotator cuff muscles.

side dumbbell lateral raise

Side Dumbbell Lateral Raise

This is an effective exercise to help strengthen and protect the shoulders (delts) and particularly the rotator cuff muscles. Can be performed with light weights.

barbell bicep curl 170x113

Barbell Bicep Curl

For all you guys who just can’t help doing them! Works the biceps and forearms.

Preacher Curl

Preacher Curl

Another favorite in the gym. Isolates you biceps and also works your wrists.

Man Weight Training At Gym

Lat Pull Down

A good alternative exercise to pull-ups. Works many muscle groups including your lats, biceps, shoulders and middle back.

Seated Cable Row

Seated Cable Row

Another alternative to the lat pull-down. Works the same muscle groups but with less emphasis on the shoulders.

Lying leg curl

Lying Leg Curl

Targets the hamstrings and calf muscles.

abdominal crunch

Abdominal Crunch

The ab crunch works the entire abdominal area. Not necessary to build ab definition, but if you’re going to do them, at least do them right!

Lying leg raises

Lying Leg Raises

This exercise is good for your lower abs, hip flexors and core stability.


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