What is Mad For Fit All About?

Hi, my name is Peter and I created this site to finally do something online that I am extremely passionate about – keeping fit and staying healthy!

I’m no expert in the industry, I just enjoy learning as much as I can about the human body – how our muscles work and grow, and how the food we eat affects our overall health.

My friends and family might think I’m a little obsessed with it all..I probably am!

About Mad For Fit

The articles and information I publish on this site are very much a reflection of what I’m up to at the time, and how training techniques and nutrition has changed me over the years – physically and mentally.

Most of us desire to change how we look physically. Not necessarily to a great degree, but perhaps lose a few pounds, be slightly more toned, have bigger arms, or just to feel better in ourselves.

I want to show you what exercises and training techniques can help with those goals, and what foods can help, or hinder the process.

Age Is Just A Number!

How many times have you heard that phrase?

As far as I’m concerned, how old you are has no reflection on what you can or can’t do.. or what you should or shouldn’t do! If anyone tells you differently, it’s because they haven’t got the strength of mind to believe anything else.

I want to create a community for people who don’t give a ‘monkeys’ about how old they are – young or old, and would rather learn about the most effective ways to improve your health, physical fitness and even your emotional wellbeing.

This site will provide you with well researched fitness and nutrition advice that I personally discover and experience myself, and feel is actually worth sharing with you.

I also like to review products on anything that might be useful, such as training aids, workout DVDs, books, nutritional products etc.

A Little More About Me

I’m in my mid forties now, and have been working-out and keeping fit since I can remember. Right now I feel as fit and healthy as I’ve ever been.

As a child I loved sports lessons at school and always played for local teams. No matter what the sport, I’d give it a go!

I spent 17 years in the British Royal Air Force and was always physically active. I regularly worked-out and played numerous sports including football, skiing, athletics, adventure training, and basically keeping myself pretty fit.

This active lifestyle enabled me to travel and experience many fascinating countries around the world.

DSC_09(vs)I left the forces in 2006 and am now self-employed – I build and write content for websites.  I’m also a retained Fire Fighter in my local town of Sleaford in the UK, which I absolutely love doing!

Over the years I’ve tried dozens of supplements, workout routines, techniques and systems. Most of which worked to some degree, but all have lead me to create this website – a labor of love if you will, to publish the best bits of what I know, and what I discover in the future.

Please help make this site a great resource and a community of like-minded people striving for similar goals. I love reading comments and getting your feedback and your knowledge.

If you have any questions or comments or would like to contribute in any way, please contact me.

I aim to update the site regularly, so if you enjoy the information and find it beneficial, please like us on Facebook, so you never miss any new posts.

Here are a few random facts about me..

  1. I love reading personal development books.
  2. I bite my nails.
  3. A bad injury stopped me from playing football many years ago. 🙁
  4. I believe in the health benefits of eating raw, natural foods and believe almost any illness or disease can be treated/cured with eating the right type of foods.
  5. It takes me ages to write an article for this site! Often days of research and editing.
  6. I often become very anxious and almost panicky about not reaching my full potential.
  7. I am easily distracted.
  8. I love anything motivational or inspiring.
  9. I don’t like to be around negative people.
  10. I don’t like flying (despite serving in the Royal Air Force for 17 years!).
  11. I am very competitive – I blame that on my older brother!
  12. I love animals, especially dogs.
  13. I don’t have any pets.
  14. I love travelling and meeting new people.
  15. I prefer working in the morning or late at night.
  16. I’m quite emotional.
  17. I like making lists!
  18. I like butter spread so thick, you can see teeth marks in it.
  19. I love the feeling you get after a workout or a run.
  20. I enjoy golf, but only play in nice weather!
  21. I try to take every opportunity that comes my way.
  22. I don’t watch the news.
  23. I work-out 3 times a week.
  24. I do Pilates once a week (in addition to my workouts).
  25. I really love freshly ground – black – coffee. I mean I reeeeeally love it!
  26. I like to minimalise as much as I can – this list is too long!

Thanks for visisting and reading my blog. It means a lot to me. Feel free to drop me a line or comment on any of my posts.